Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ASCII textual signature Generator

With THIS generator you can create wide variety of interessting text-based signatures.

In first dop-down-menu you choose font (style, actually) in which your signature will be created, and right box, were is by default "Type!" write your signature. On the bottom of the site there is option to create picture from your customized signature. I find it very usefull because if you simply copy/paste generated text into your signature area, it will probably come deformed

If you find some interesting font or combination of chars, feel free to share it in comments below :)

Example signature:


  1. Heh awesome, always wondered how people did these, nice post :)

  2. Damn thats awesome, was curious how these were made for ages! I thaught it was trial and error lol

  3. Awesome generator, best I've seen yet.

  4. these are cool, i love digital logic related stuff.